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Default Re: Power Source for E-Tank

Originally Posted by David P Fortin View Post
I have a old power supply that was used for charging electric golf carts. It is 36 volt and does a really good job in use on the electro tank. The charger was orginaly a automatic charger. So I took it apart and just removed the circuit that controls the output current. You should be able to do that with any automatic charger. If you don't know how then anyone with some electronics experence could do it. The 36 volt charger works really good and I can completely clean a crusted skillet in only one day.
Hi David P Fortin,

How many amps are you pushing with your set up?


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Originally Posted by ShawnE View Post

Voltec makes a HY1530EX (15V, 30A) as well. If you look at the Mastec site that I referenced, you will find that they have a wide variety of power supplies. If you look at the electroplating or anodizing power supplies tab, you will find a wide variety of voltage / current and price. Since you use lye as an electrolyte, you probably don't need a large voltage, just large current. Using lye, large anode (ss drum as I remember) and multiple pieces your tank should have a fairly low resistance, therefore low voltage drop. I would recommend at least 15V as the bench supply would be more versatile for other things than e-tank.

Just got off the phone with Voltec Re; HY1530EX (15V, 30A). The short of it they are made for inside a building, no snow, dust, water, sun. I will need to build it its own vented & filtered cabinet with a glass door. Need the think this out.
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