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Default Re: Rebar "grid" for e tank ?

Originally Posted by Jeffrey F View Post
Wow that stove looks GREAT -
As far as how many I plan to do.. It will be sporadic. I have a handful of pieces I'm going to do as time allows this spring. But after that just as I find one. I hope to find a pair of nice Griswold #8 skillets like the one I just bought, and restore them for my daughters. I have a few to do for my mom.. So 12 a year maybe...
Might buy some flat plate steel at HD and mount four pieces, tied together like you did the wire to the bush hog blade and go with that. The flat bar stock will be easier to clean too
Glad I found this forum... Look forward to sharing pictures of my inventory and cleaning projects.
Now what to do with this new bottle of flax oil when this group favors crisco
Thank you, on the stove.

What ever you do just work smarter not harder, and safety first.

I am not part of "this group favors crisco"

You will not find Crisco in my kitchen or shop.
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