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Default Re: Mystery waffle iron!

This is something that we all run into while trying to identify a piece of Un-marked cast iron, lost history. The best you can do is look at the similarities between other known pieces, marked or unmarked. I just ran into this with early Un-marked A&J Cox waffle irons. The early pieces were Un-marked as time went on and the foundry got established they started putting their name on pieces.

I have an Un-marked waffle iron that is unique with a lift handle on it just for the paddles, that I have been trying to ID for a few years. I think i
I am very close to an ID. It is a crap shoot, you keep looking for all the similarities, and yes they did make changes over time and patterns were stolen and used by other foundries. But you might see the difference by the quality of the casting, cleaning up openings like in handles.
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