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Default Re: Don't Show, Just Tell

1. What is the first piece of cast iron cookware you actually owned?

I bought a Martha Stewart (MSE) skillet from K-Mart probably 10 years ago. It was terrible. It sat unused, buried in my cabinet for years. Eventually I got it back out for something, and got so frustrated that it started me on the path to vintage iron. I remember as a kid helping my mother and grandmother cook, and how amazing their skillets were. I came to learn that my mother's are WWSO and my grandmother's are Favorite. With that knowledge and google, I ended up here.

Oh, that MSE? It's now the sacrificial anode in my e-tank

2. Do you consider yourself more a collector, a user, or both?

First and foremost a user. I don't think of myself so much as a collector. I enjoy the restoration process, and I think more than anything I love to be able to look at a completely caked over piece and have a pretty good idea of what I'm going to find underneath the crud. Being able to pick the one good piece out of the pile of 20 that are selling for $5 each is great.

3. What is the first piece you acquired with an eye toward collecting?

I told my mother I was hunting for some skillets, and she bought me a Griswold SBL #5 before I could find anything.

4. What is the first truly collectible piece you acquired?

Griswold SBL #5

5. If you were forced to give up your collection except for one piece, what would that piece be?

Probably my #9 3rd series ERIE. It is garbage as a collectible because someone ground the heat ring off of it. However, it sits dead flat on my ceramic cooktop, heats evenly, and has a perfect cooking surface. I use it almost every day.

6. Knowing it's hard to name a single favorite, name up to three CI items, rare or not, on your "holy grail" or "bucket list".

There's nothing really specific that I'd like to have. I don't collect anything in particular. I don't try to build sets. I just know when I run across something nice at a good price, I pick it up, clean it up, and give it a good home.
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