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Default Re: Don't Show, Just Tell

1. What is the first piece of cast iron cookware you actually owned?
Griswold # 16 muffin pan. Found it in a 13 bedroom home clean out, free.

2. Do you consider yourself more a collector, a user, or both?
Both, I started collecting only iron that I would use, that did not last long now a horder.

3. What is the first piece you acquired with an eye toward collecting?
Griswold # 16 muffin pan.

4. What is the first truly collectible piece you acquired?
Griswold # 16 muffin pan.

5. If you were forced to give up your collection except for one piece, what would that piece be?
1800's gate-marked unnamed #7 skillet, single pour spout with fancy handle.

6. Knowing it's hard to name a single favorite, name up to three CI items, rare or not, on your "holy grail" or "bucket list".

The earlier the better. I have not seen it yet, when I do the chase is over. Will not let that happen.

7. What do friends and family think of your obsession?
If they have a problem with my cast iron hording, they just might have a problem with everything else I collect
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