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Default Unusual Damage on a Favorite

Picked up a Favorite from an auction the other day of the "Best To Cook In" variety. After lye and electrolysis, I found some unusual damage. See pictures.

At first, I thought it was deep pitting, like someone left water inside of it for a long time while it sat at an odd angle. However, the damage is both on the inside and the outside of the pan, and it doesnt go all the way to the bottom- it's more like a stripe- so the water explanation doesn't quite fit, even if it were outside of the pan too.

On the other hand, it is not holding seasoning very well, as can hopefully be seen in the pictures. It also feels pretty rough. So, maybe heat damage? But it is not reddish (if anything more blue than the surrounding iron) and the bottom doesnt seem warped. Apart from that, like with the water, I don't see how heat damage would explain the "stripe" shape of the damage.

Anyone have a theory?

Images here, cant figure out how to get them uploaded:
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