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Default Re: A Lil' Help with Idents/Restoring Suggestions?

Originally Posted by EdgarLopez View Post
I don't see the square skillet,I have an etank and every piece goes there,some people don't have room for an etank,and they use lye to remove crud and vinegar to remove rust,power tools aren't recommended for cleaning,you can use a hand wire brush to remove some stubborn spots of carbon.
Ah, it's toward the bottom of the imgur album I linked to in the original message:

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Originally Posted by D_Madden View Post
probably a combination of lye, vinegar and electrolysis (and lots of steel wool) for all of those pans. lye is the best at removing old seasoning (black gunk) unless it is too carbonized... vinegar is good at loosening up heavy rust (like on the square pan)... and electrolysis is good at finishing off pans that have been through the other two processes but still have some gunk/rust to remove.

you'd be surprised how much better they will look by just hitting them with some steel wool before you do anything... a lot of that 'loose' rust will just wipe off and you can see better what you're working with.
What's been your experience with using Citric Acid instead of vinegar?
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