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Default Re: Graphite as Sacrificial Anode

Rusty, there are some things that don't seem to want to move for lye or electro. The best that can be done with them, if vinegar won't help, is to minimize them by whatever safe means you can, and then let them blend in over time with seasoning. My charger is a 2amp/10amp manual that I use on the 10 amp setting.

Glenn, there was no apparent anything on the graphite plate afterwards. Having said that, the pan being cleaned wasn't rusty, either. But the graphite is supposed to eliminate that undesirable behavior of the anode rusting and becoming inefficient. Doesn't mean it doesn't erode (it's still sacrificial), but since it stays clean of oxides, it remains more efficient, both during the process and over its lifetime. That, I think, is the advantage to graphite.
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