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Default Re: What's Your Favorite Pan for Cornbread?

I mostly use a #5 BSR or a #8 CHF. Occasionally, I use my dad's #3 Vollrath. Will begin using the raised 8 Lodge I recently got just to help build up the seasoning layer.

Whichever pan I use goes into the oven as it heats up. Once the oven is at temp, bring out the pan, throw in some butter and then the batter. Bake until the cornbread round is firm to downward pressure. Let the pan sit on the stove top for a minute or 2 before turning the round out onto a cookie sheet. Seems to help with the release.

Wait a few minutes for the inside of the round to firm up a little more. Use the edge of the cookie sheet to "level" the knife and cut the round in half (horizontally). Use a spatula to gently raise the edge of the round and butter it. Give the butter a little time to melt and spread. Then cut and eat.
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