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Default What's Your Favorite Pan for Cornbread?

I have tried common skillets, "corn stick" pans, wedge cut pans, gem pans, and tonight for the first time I tried my newly seasoned Griswold 954 E Cornbread pan. My method is to heat the pan up with the oven then add a bit of bacon grease in each compartment, heat that up some more if possible then add the batter which should be sizzling when introduced to the hot oil. I have to say that I was disappointed with the cornbread tonight, but I think it was due more to user error overfilling each compartment and not quite cooking enough so I had to cut each piece out with a table knife which still left some sticky crumbs on the pan. Once I try it again and get the CB to brown and release properly, I feel this pan may offer the best crunch/softness ratio of any of the other pans. Second place for me would go to my Turk's Head gem pan, but I've found I need to cut those in half in order to get a good flat spot for butter to melt.
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