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Default Re: Should I Have Bought This?

Quite the difference!

Here's the epilogue. The dutch oven was gone when I got there this morning, someone had bought it for $60. The seller said the guy was very excited about it, said it was a 'good pan' (I'd mentioned the pitting yesterday).

The skillets were all still there, including the little Griswold. But his prices had changed, he'd decided that he wanted ten dollars per pan. And he wouldn't budge. I pointed out that he was going to sell me all four for fifteen dollars yesterday, and he pointed out that yesterday was a different day. Lol.

So he wouldn't budge, and the pan wasn't worth ten to me. I was stuck down at five dollars, but he wasn't interested. I walked around the flea market for an hour, then stopped back by his booth. The little pan was gone (but the other three were still there). He said a husband and wife bought it, that the wife was sure she could clean it up.

So, the cast iron collectors get out early and in force! And I came home without a new project. I'll run across some of these pans again, and next time I'll be much better informed. Thanks!
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