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Default Help ID This Skillet

I have acquired an 8" diameter skillet from a friend, who said it once belonged to her grandmother. It was quite crusted with black gunk but i"m working on cleaning it. I already have an 8" Griswold that is it almost like it but there are a few differences.

The new skillet has no brand markings underneath. There is no heat ring, and there is a faint number 3 near the handle on the bottom surface. The handle oval opening is almost the same shape as a Griswold, but maybe 50% smaller. There is a ridge that runs along the underside of the handle, but it does not meet the pan body with a flat triangle, like the Griswold has.

The working surface of the handle has a 5 near where it meets the body, but it is a rather strange 5, where the tail of the 5 elongates past the circular section, if that makes sense.

Overall, the cooking surface is very smooth. There are a few scattered pits in strange places on the sides, and an imperfection on the handle edge, like the metal was pushed on and made a bit of a tent while it was molten.

Any ideas what this pan could be? I will try to post photos but not sure I'm familiar with this system. Thanks in advance!
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