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Originally Posted by MLawrence View Post
Outdoor under covered deck.

I’ve been using a Glenwood 1886 for around 20 years, it’s at camp.

Any rural country hardware store or stove shop should have the parts to make a chimney and fit to stove box.
Or even Lehman’s mail or web.

It looks oval?

Suggest you stick a bright lamp in the box, go dark , and examine for cracks. Light will hopefully shine through any breaks.

Don’t know if this had firebricks in it, picture quality on iPhone not the greatest.
Maybe later when on pc tomorrow.

Stove was marketed under both names pictured, hauled one off to stove dealer, with my round oak neither of which I wanted to use again.

Glenwood heckya but, needed a Lopi for rest of camp.

Questions ask old wood burner, but new here.
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