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Default Re: Help Identifying Camp Stove

Camp Ovens were normally associated with two major suppliers (Lodge & BSR). The lack of markings/style of the three leg camp oven you have posted suggest to me that it is a Lodge made piece along with the flat lid. Per your dimensions provided it would be a small size camp oven as compared to the larger ones we usually see at flea markets and or antique stores such as 12 and 14's.
The lid with the tear-drop basting spikes follows the Lodge patterns normally seen on Lodge made pieces. I'm somewhat confused about the wide spaces between the spike pattern which resembles a cross so to speak. Normally Lodge puts a inscribed size on their lids but possibly because it may be an older piece there wasn't any sizing indicated. It's definitely a Dutch Oven lid due to the lack of ear tabs. I'm not an expert and may be totally off base with my assumption and it could be that all three pieces are/were foreign made.
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