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Default Re: Help Identifying Camp Stove

And then there's the second lid I picked up. I doubt this really goes with the oven, but it does seem to fit:

The top of the pot is about 9 3/4" measured across the opening. I noted that the bail feels a bit thinner gauge than I expected, and it has a 'pinch' in it's center (to hang in the center more easily I'd guess). The helper handle and the bail ears are grooved out on the underside. And the feet are round - I've read that older stoves had squared off feet on some of the sides?

Any ideas what these are? Or how old they'd be? Thanks everyone - I picked this up because my buddy likes to camp, and his wife told me two years ago to keep my eye open for a camp stove in my thrifting trips. I finally found a small one that I think will work for them. Excited to get it cleaned up, and if I can share some of it's pedigree/history all the better!
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