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Default Re: New member, new purchases: q's about cooking in old Wagner

Originally Posted by Deb_C View Post
Thanks for all of the replies so far. In terms of not ever using high heat for applications like searing - how does that work? Is it still possible to get a nice crust on meat very quickly over medium heat, without the inside getting warmed up? (This question is more theoretical than anything, since I'm not generally one who sears on the stove and then transfers to the oven, but I do think it's important to know.) Also, can I put a cold(ish) or room temp steak into a searing hot (or... medium hot...) pan without issue?

I like the idea of beginning with a starter pan. Are the BSRs as thin as the early Wagners and Griswolds or are they more akin to the thicker Lodge of today?
It would depend on your stove but generally, yes. Med heat is fine. Just give the iron time to heat up. A high setting on my stove is stupid hot as is most gas stoves. And yes, a cold steak in a hot pan is ok!
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