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Default Re: New member, new purchases: q's about cooking in old Wagner

So you're going to become a nurse??? Just apply some of those nursing traits you have learned and apply them to your cast iron care and you will do fine.
The guys have told you most everything you need to know so I will not repeat them. Only suggestion I might have is to get you a Birmingham Stove & Range skillet (BSR) in the size you prefer and do some of your experimental cooking with it before using the more delicate pieces, "Griswold & Wagner".
The BSR skillets are virtually indestructible and are also collectibles. The "Red Mountain Series" are older and the "Century Series" can be found at most any antique shops and various resale shops. Take a few minutes to check out our C.I.C. section on skillets and it will help you get acquainted with them.

Good luck with your collecting/cooking.
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