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Originally Posted by M.E. Culleton View Post
Hi – I am having fun trying to identify the cast iron that we own. Would you help identify these pieces and let me know what you think about the cleaning issue. Thank you! P.S. Photos 1-3 are attached to this post and then photos 4-6 will be on the first reply.

-Skillet (photo 1) 10” interior diameter: marked: ‘”Wagner” Sidney, O’ and ‘10 A’ ; unbroken heat ring [1895-1915?] 1915-1920

-Smaller skillet (photos 2&3), ~7” interior diameter. Marked ‘Wagner Ware O’; faint mark ‘1056’ at 6 o’clock; no heat ring. [1920’s?] 1935-1959

-2 cornstick pans (photos 4&5) – probably Lodge. Marked ’27’ and ‘C’ on either side of one of the handles and then two little round indents on the side of the other handle. Ears point in same direction, little balance knobs at either end of the pan. [Dates?] Lodge made these for a number of years. Variations include different shaped holes in the handles.

-Popover pan (photo 6) – raised markings: ‘0I’ ‘ON’ on either side of one handle. Holds 11 popovers: 1st row holds 4, 2nd row: 3; 3rd row: 4. [Dates and any idea where made?] Would need to see photo for any identifying characteristics. Several makers copied this design.

**Cleaning question - Compared to a lot of your CI that is shown in this forum, our skillets are pretty damaged, but since they are great for cooking, I am wondering if it is worth cleaning them with a lye bath? Or just let them be? What is best long-term for the pans? Lye for the crud, electro or vinegar for the rust. Cracks, warping, and pitting are considered damage; anything else that can usually be dealt with isn't.
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