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Default Griswold 402 Gas Hot Plate

Picked up a two burner hot Plate a few weeks back and have been restoring it. It has been completely disassembled cleaned and prior to re-assembly I wrestled about what kind of finish I wanted to use. I do not like the looks of the High Heat paints and since we have several old stoves and have used the stove black on them I thought I would do the Griswold using the same method. I personally think it does a great job and also gives it a level of protection from rust.
Just wanted to share what I have done and see if anyone else has ever used this method on pieces that do not come in contact directly with food? It takes a few days to cure to a degree that no black will come off when touched. The pic I have enclosed with this post has the stuff I used and if you have an old heater type stove I would recommend using it. I have a Brooding house heater I put it on over a year ago and it has set outside exposed to all phases of weather here in Arizona and it still looks as good as the day I put it on.
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