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Default Re: Large Kettle Clean Up

Originally Posted by D_Madden View Post
I've avoided the big old kettles so far... just because I don't want to start fabricating all the components necessary to deal with things that size. looks like pretty good end results though... do you think the lime would have come off with electrolysis eventually or not? I've never dealt with a lime coated piece.
The pot was in the tank for about 24 hours. Some pieces of the lime was starting to lift off. It would have taken a very long time for it all to have came loose.

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Originally Posted by GTurner View Post
Would using CLR have gotten rid of the lime? Is it okay to use on a piece of CI?

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I would like to see the inside of your finished kettle.
I tried CLR. It worked for about 10 minutes then quit being effective. My guess is there was enough lime there to neutralize the chemicals. Probably would have taken about 15 bottles at $5 each.

Iíll get a pic of the inside up later today
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