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Default Grill Cheese Help !

Ok, I know that a "great grilled cheese sandwich", is one of the reasons many of us got into cast iron. Well, not me. I hadn't even thought about cooking a grilled cheese sandwich, until now, tonight, to be exact. So, this evening, I put a little mayo on two pieces of bread, added some cheddar cheese, put a patty of butter in my (hot) #8 skillet, and let it go till the bread was toasted golden brown (actually a bit more) on both sides. Then to the table it went. Actually, it turned out great, and now, based on my wife's comments, looks as if I may be doing this more often

SO - would some of you mind sharing you "Grilled Cheese" recipes with me ? I'm mainly interested in cook times, temperatures, types of bread & cheeses, etc. Also any special cooking / serving techniques would also be appreciated. Oh, and really, my first (cast iron) attempt, didn't turn out bad at all. Just wondering what everyone else does.......
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