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Originally Posted by StephenH View Post
With my paper towel thread and now the frying potatoes thread, I have a question. And, who knows, maybe it will have an important answer?

I add oil/grease right after I turn on the heat and the oil heats up with the skillet; I feel the skillet is really to use when its (the handle) too hot to the touch with my bare hand. But, in the potato thread, and other threads, people preheat their CI, and test with a little water, before they add oil/grease.

May or may not matter, but, what do you do and do you feel that one way is better than the other?

Stephen, I think it would help if you could clarify exactly how, or what, you are cooking. Are you just lightly oiling the bottom of a skillet, say to sear/brown something, OR, are you filling a skillet, say half full of oil, as if to deep fry something, such as french fries ? I believe you are receiving answers for both cooking methods, which is only going to confuse things even more.
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