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Sharon Shuman 01-10-2017 01:41 PM

Concerning Alabama Pipe Co. bean pot
Some time last year I asked if anyone knew anything about Alabama Pipe Company bean pots, and received no response from the forum. This morning I finally had the sense to search that term on the Internet, and found a pot similar to mine for sale on an auction site called EBTH, INC. The item was dated, as the lid had "Christmas 1954" as well as the company name on the top of the lid. However, it was not in nearly as good a condition as my bean pot, having a crack in the side and some rust on the bottom. The interesting thing to me was that the last bid registered was dated in Oct. 2016, at $41.00, but there is no way to tell if it actually sold at that price. (I will search further about the Alabama Pipe Company for information on it.) I had thought my pot was probably a gift for their customers from the 1950s, but I had no idea of its potential value in the market. Does anyone wish to comment on the reliability of valuing an item from such an online source; and has anyone heard of EBTH, INC.? As this was totally new to me (not a surprise) I thought maybe someone who contributes to and/or reads the forum might have some insight on such a source in re valuing CI pieces. Thanks in advance for any wisdom forthcoming, and no, I do not want top sell my pot. I may try the bean recipe though.

Kevin W 11-15-2019 08:52 PM

Re: Concerning Alabama Pipe Co. bean pot
Sharon, I know this isn't timely and I don't have any of the information you were looking for (I know, bad grammar). But I can share my story with you. About a year ago, I found the Alabama Bean Pot (1939) at an antique mall. I really, really liked it (especially the recipe on the underside of the lid) and paid about $95. I figured that I paid too much but wasn't buying it to resell. I wanted to use it. Unfortunately, after cleaning all the built up carbon off, the pot leaked. There were a couple of pin sized holes and a hairline crack hiding under the seasoning. I knew that ruined the value of the pot but took it to a welder (my uncle) who tried but could not fix it. He said it had actually been welded before. I guess I could try a dutch oven liner but more than likely I'll set it on a (sturdy) shelf as decoration. Anyway, now you know that the bean pot was "worth" about $95 to at least one person in Missouri.

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