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Kyle S. 08-31-2018 01:44 PM

#10 Griswold Camp Oven
Got a call and this beautiful camp oven was at the end of the rainbow. It is in perfect condition including the cook surface. I had to pay more than I wanted but still got a great deal. I am sure this question has been asked but I couldnít find it in the search. Is this slant logo era, large block logo era or transitional? I assume it is a match but I may be wrong. It is smooth and beautiful inside and out. Great piece. Thought I would share it and I would appreciate any info anyone has on it. I donít have any of the books :).

Kyle S. 09-02-2018 03:02 PM

Re: #10 Griswold Camp Oven
I read this on the site:
"The slant logo's use would continue for some time into the large block logo era, with old patterns seen modified to add the other inscriptions characteristic of the large block pieces. It would be some 10 years before the slant logo disappeared from production altogether."

I assume the explains my slant logo lid with my LBL oven? Anyone have any other pieces of information on this oven and lid combo? The ERIE and the 843 at the bottom make me think this is a fully marked lid and more desirable that the versions with just the 10 and the logo. It also makes me think it is older which makes me think this is not a matching set. They fit PERFECTLY! Did they make oven with slant logos? Is it a transitional piece within those 10 years?

Sorry for all the questions, I just like to know what I have. Thanks everyone and happy hunting.

Doug D. 09-02-2018 03:35 PM

Re: #10 Griswold Camp Oven
When markings changed, parts already in inventory weren't likely to be discarded just because they had the previous logo on them. In this case, it could either be that, or the patterns for the lids were yet to be updated. It was not likely a concern in either case, both for Griswold or the consumer.


The ERIE and the 843 at the bottom make me think this is a fully marked lid and more desirable that versions with just the 10 and the logo.
One would expect any piece with a Griswold TM to also have a pattern number on it, as the use of p/ns preceded the advent of the slant logo TM.

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