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Paul D. 04-01-2019 03:43 PM

Gate Marked #8 Dutch Oven Revival - Part 2
[Please read Gate Marked #8 Dutch Oven Revival - Part 1 before reading this thread. Thank you.]

I own a Lodge #8 DO, as well. The Lodge #8 DO lid I own rests on top of the gate marked pot, but it will not seat completely inside of it. I believe that with a big enough hammer and a little imagination I might be able to make them fit. Below you will find images of the two together:

I found a griddle listed for sale on ebay with what appears to be an "MT" molder's mark. The mm is somewhat similar in appearance to the mm on my gate marked DO bottom. Here is the link to the ebay listing for the griddle: See I wonder if the person who made the mold for my DO bottom also made the mold for the griddle. Also, I wonder if the two were made by the same manufacturer. What do you think? Have any of you seen an "MT" molder's mark on any other pieces of CI? I do not know who manufactured my gate marked DO, and I understand that it may be difficult, if not impossible, to identify the manufacturer. I welcome your thoughts, opinions, and educated guesses regarding its maker.

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