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SMcAuley 05-05-2018 05:24 PM

Help ID'ing Waffle Iron
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New Member Here,
I have a general question regarding a waffle iron I picked up today.
I have been looking around at flea markets and Auction sites for a couple years looking for somthing affordable,

Not really looking for a collectable antique I am looking for a "user"

I found this today and the price was right, so it came home with me

It looks like a Griswold, but it does not say Griswold, if it is a knock off it appears to be a decent quality knock off and I am sure it will make fine waffles

Can anyone tell me what I have here?

Photos attached,
Top Pan says "No 8" and "Pat'd Dec. 1.1908." The pan number is 336
Attachment 5630
Bottom Pan Says "Pat'd Dec. 1.1908." The pan number is 331
Attachment 5634
It is a short base and says "Griswold 975"
Attachment 5635

Doug D. 05-05-2018 05:35 PM

Re: Help ID'ing Waffle Iron
The pattern numbers and their font is consistent with Griswold. 331 and 336 were not used on marked Griswold waffle irons, but these p/ns are listed in the pattern reference of the BB as "No. 8 Waffle Iron (not marked Griswold)". In all likelihood these were produced as a lower price item for market channels like hardware stores, or possibly sourced from Griswold by a third party, much like the Andresen/WICO irons were. The marked version of these irons would appear to be the 314/315 combo.

D_Madden 05-06-2018 09:59 PM

Re: Help ID'ing Waffle Iron
the patent seems to be to a person from Erie, Pa... and while this document doesn't say he was associated with Griswold in any way.... a quick search of the name shows that he is responsible either by himself or with Matthew Griswold starting as early as 1897 for a number of Griswold patents.

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