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Michael Fox 01-24-2020 04:24 PM

My "ERIE" Collection
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I have now aquired my second CI skillet. ERIE #12 3rd series I do believe.
I've titled this thread as my collection because I have decided this is the CI that I would like a complete set of :icon_thumbsup:
I will update this thread as I find them.
I'm off to scrub and begin seasoning !!

SeanD 01-24-2020 09:21 PM

Re: My "ERIE" Collection
Im jealous......that #12 is awesome for its age. I have a #9 2nd Series. On yours Im loving the script of whatever you call it. Nice skillet!

Michael Fox 01-27-2020 07:48 AM

Re: My "ERIE" Collection
Thanks Sean !
I've got to say I love it as well ;) I needed a larger skillet for a family of my size (7 of us) and I am quiet happy to have found it at the price I did.
I just watched a series 2 #12 auction off at just under $500 on eBay ! I believe mine's in better shape than that one. And WOW I had no idea they actually sold for that much !

I am currently looking at what I believe to be a series 2 #7. If I can get the lady to come down a few $ I'll buy it up. The 7 is hollow, and im trying to find more info about it on the google before I make my decision.

Michael Fox 02-02-2020 02:30 PM

Re: My "ERIE" Collection
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The next piece in my collection !

SeanD 02-05-2020 10:17 PM

Re: My "ERIE" Collection
You are doing very good at starting your set. I have a full set of Wapaks, and a DO, griddle, ect. We all collect for different reasons, and you picked a hard set to complete. Cant wait to see your next one.

JLenzo 02-14-2020 07:09 AM

Re: My "ERIE" Collection
Both nice pans!
Here is my #9 with the postage stamp maker mark

SeanD 02-17-2020 09:20 PM

Re: My "ERIE" Collection
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Here is my #9 with a chalice or a beer glass, how ever they are known for. I think its a 2nd series?

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