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SteveT 12-20-2017 10:03 AM

Pecan Pie in CBS?
I'm considering making a pecan pie in a cornbread skillet, as a means of reducing the total amount of pie eaten (I know, I know...), and would appreciate any insight/experience.

I'm thinking if I line the wedges of the CBS with pie crust (high Crisco content!), the resulting pieces of pie should be relatively non-stick. Given the pie filling, I know the crust must come all the way up the sides of each wedge. Does this idea have a reasonable chance of success, or is it a recipe for a disaster (of burnt on pie filling)?


SpurgeonH 12-20-2017 11:28 AM

Re: Pecan Pie in CBS?
I was searching for a pecan pie recipe on time and came across this one (they use a cornbread skillet like you are doing). I saved it, but havenít had a chance to try it.

SteveT 12-20-2017 12:27 PM

Re: Pecan Pie in CBS?
Thanks, Spurgeon! I haven't lost my mind, we'll see where it goes from here :)

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