Crescent Foundry Co.

Location: St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri
Period of Production: 1901-
Products Manufactured: Full Line
Brand Names: Ozark

Information on this foundry is hard to find. Making matters more confusing, there appears to have been two St. Louis-based companies named Crescent Foundry operating contemporaneously, one in St. Louis, MO and the other in East St. Louis, IL. A 1930 company catalog, however, confirms that the "Crescent Foundry Company, Inc, makers of Ozark products", was at that time based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Pieces are marked "CRESCENT FD'Y CO. ST. LOUIS, MO" in a circle, surrounding the word "OZARK".

Some information found on both Crescents:

The January 1901 edition of "The Age of Steel" states "The Crescent Foundry Company has leased the old Todd Pulley and Shafting Works in East St. Louis. They are having a good business in the new location."

The March 1901 copy of "The Foundry", published in Detroit, MI, lists "The incorporation of the Crescent Foundry and Machine Co. of East St. Louis, Illinois. The incorporators are Thomas R. Harris, P.J. Soucy, H.J. DeHaan, and P.W. Abt. The capital stock is $15,000 and the company will do a general foundry business making a specialty of manufacturing and repairing machinery of all kinds." The same publication also mentions: "The Crescent Foundry Co, St Louis, Mo., will erect a foundry 75x150 feet in size high of frame and brick construction. The equipment, besides foundry appliances, will include an electric dynamo, a 70 horse-power boiler, 50 horse-power engine and steam pump. The cost will be $15,000."

St. Louis Republic, May 27, 1901 classified ad sought "Chippers and laborers. Call Crescent Foundry, Vandalia tracks and St. Clair ave., East St. Louis (IL)".

The December 15, 1901 Annual Report of the Illinois Department of Factory Inspection lists the "Crescent Foundry Co." in East St. Louis, IL.

It would therefore appear the two companies were not actually the same. Various publications list several companies named "Crescent Foundry" in multiple states, all of which appear unconnected to each other.

Iron Trade Review, January 10, 1918 notes "W.A. Lownds, upon his resignation as assistant purchasing agent for the Fulton Iron Works, St. Louis, was appointed purchasing agent for the O'Neil Iron Works, Inc, Buffalo (NY)."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 3, 1926 obituary notes the passing of John Francis O'Neil, 70 years old, former president-- after "coming to St. Louis in 1888 as general superintendent"-- of the Fulton Iron Works, "then at Second and Carr streets" ... "was survived by his wife, a son, Laurence W., president-treasurer of the Crescent Foundry Co." Also noting that "in 1918 he organized the O'Neil Iron Works at Buffalo, N.Y., which went into receivership three years later."

St. Louis Globe-Democrat, classified ads 1926-1929 sought molders for "Crescent Foundry Co., 3600 S. Second."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, classified ad January 12, 1936: "MOLDER Must be experienced in making patterns and aluminum match plates. Apply at 3600 S. Second St." (Note the "Second and Carr streets" location is several blocks away on N. Second St.)

St. Louis Globe-Democrat, November 29, 1936 article entitled "Twelve New Firms and 17 Expansions Here in October" included "the Ozark Foundry and Manufacturing Company".

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, October 11, 1936 article titled "New Concern Leases Former O'Neil Foundry at Corner of President Street." "The Ozark Foundry Co. has acquired a 10-year lease on the former O'Neil foundry at 3600 South Second street at the corner of President street, through Cornet & Zeibig. Contracts have been let for extensive alterations to the plant. The site has a frontage of 122 feet on the south side of President street, with a depth of 360 feet. The foundry, a one-story structure, comprises 33,000 square feet. The Ozark Company, compose A.J. Sertl, president; William Doettcher, treasurer; Levy Trange, secretary, and Herman Trange, vice-president is a new industry in St Louis. The concern manufactures high grade iron and cast iron [undecipherable]."

In all likelihood, then, those pieces which appear to have had the CRESCENT FD'Y CO. removed from the TM were produced by the then-new occupant of 3600 S. Second St.

Pittburgh Press, classified ad April 4, 1937: "FOR SALE OR LEASE Modern, well equipped foundry. Ozark, 3600 S. Second St, St. Louis. Mo." If indicative of the demise of Ozark Foundry Co., it does much to explain the meager amount of information available about the enterprise.

Style of markings and some design elements including lids are similar O'Brien & O'Brien of Chicago, IL. No concrete information to directly connect Crescent or Ozark found so far.

Crescent Foundry Co. Timeline

1901 - Foundry established.
1926 - J.F. O'Neil, father of Crescent Foundry president L.W. O'Neil dies.
1936 - Ozark Foundry Co. takes over occupancy of 3600 S. Second St. foundry,
1937 - Second St. foundry put up for lease or sale.

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